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2023 Phoenician Classic

The Phoenician Classic set the bar in natural bodybuilding at a whole new level.  If you are a member of the INBF or really any natural bodybuilding and you're looking for a first class show, you definitely need to mark the Phoenician Classic on your calendar ~ Corey Marcelin

We Will Provide Lasting Memories!

Meet the Criteria


Enter the Show

Hurry, Register Before Late Fees START!!!

Phoenician Classic

will provide you with custom goodie bags and T-Shirts


Phoenician Classic

will provide you with an athletes table to nourish you while you are backstage

Phoenician Classic

will provide intermission entertainment for your friends and family

Phoenician Classic

will provide full service lunch menu during intermission and that's just to start....

"The Question Is, Are YOU Next?


Proof that 'Phoenician Classic' has DRAMATICALLY Changed How A Competitor and Their Families Enjoy A Bodybuilding Show

From: Natasha and Chris Thompson

Phoenix, AZ

Are You Tired Of Two Day Shows?

Are You Sick Of Your Family Not Having Space Or Room To Sit Together?

Would You Like To Be Valued For A Change?


Prepping for a show can have an impact on you and your ENTIRE family's LIVES.  It's time spend at gym, prepping meals, and posing practice.


But everyone should be able to experience the joy of the show.

If You Are Sick And Tired Of Being Held Hostage All Day, Receiving Skimpy Goodie Bags, And Had Enough Of Being Treated Like The Number On Your Suit

Then Read These Amazing Reviews From Actual, Real Competitors And Coaches

I just wanted to thank you so much for the great personal care and wonderful show!!  Even more than the win, it was amazing to meet you both and the fellow competitors.  The show was such a great experience, and I can't wait to see you both next year.  Thanks again!

Thanks for all the emails and hosting an amazing show!


Thanks for everything! 

Just wanted to say thank you for everything.

I had a great time and an awesome experience for my very first show.

So thank you very much! 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful show you organized!

Everyone was so nice and helpful!

 The INBF is the 5th organization I competed in.

Although there are 1 or 2 things I would like to see done differently your attention and care of the competitors would not be one of them by far you have been the best.

Thank you again for all that you do.

John Kolodziej

Master Mens Physique

💫 It’s not always easy being a promoter, and Chris and Natasha nail it every time. ⁣
* Pre-show communications⁣
* Early host service announcements⁣
* Best swag bags and awards⁣
* Great venue and backstage⁣
* Straight run-through format⁣
* Vendors and entertainment⁣
* Judges scores and feedback for all athletes ⁣
* And so much more ⁣

💫 The @phoenicianclassic is a show to add to your schedule if you’re a natural bodybuilder and competitor 💪😬⁣

But before you rush into it, you just make sure you like the red carpet treatment.


A bartender, a waitstaff, a dressing room with a 20 seat vanity, and 3 bathrooms, endless fruit and snacks, grilled chicken or salmon lunches with raspberry cheesecake, professional sponsor booths, intermission fashion show and entertainment


oh and the red carpet I mentioned in the beginning?



Corey Marcelin

Master Mens Physique

I absolutely loved the way the athletes were able to come together and I believe that was from a very welcoming staff.


It was a very relaxed environment which made the process fun without stress.


Friendly and personable.


The venue was beautiful for the amount of athletes that competed.


The Swag bags were on point!


I've competed in NPC shows in Cali and AZ and the Phoenician Classic show was by far the most organized and relaxing show I've been in.


Your support throughout was very much appreciated!

Ok so out of all the competitions I have ever been to I have NEVER been served a meal as part of it!


I mean look at it!


@phoenicianclassic is changing the competition game!


Go and check em out!

As You Can See....
Phoenician Classic Has Already Changed How Athletes and Coaches View Bodybuilding Shows
Are YOU Next?
This is Truly A Can't Miss Event
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and see you at the show!
Natasha and Chris Thompson
Phoenician Classic Promoters
PS >> In case you are just like us and skipped to the bottom, here is the deal...
We Are Going To Provide You With:
  • A Bunch Of FREE Swag (Drawstring Pack, T-shirts, And Supplements)
  • Athlete’s Table Loaded With Food Backstage
  • Live Entertainment
  • Full Service Lunch
There is not catch…no gimmicks…
Have a great time with your family and friends.
This is a Pro-Qualifier for all Open and Master Divisions.
Win the overall and become a WNBF Pro.
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Phoenician Classic

Over the past 18 years, Chris and Natasha have been apart of the natural bodybuilding community, helping countless athletes with contest prep, judging shows, and now promoting natural bodybuilding shows to provide more avenues for natural athletes.

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